Beginner’s Baking


  • Here’s a little culinary secret. You can become a fantastic baker even if your cooking experience is limited to cracking a few eggs. All you need is The Beginner’s Baking Bible.


Baking becomes truly accessible thanks to this cookbook, which features:

  • Breakdowns of baking basics―Learn how to utilize critical baking techniques such as mixing, folding, creaming, and kneading. Discover steps that will help you perfect your process.
  • Tons of insider tricks―From ingredient substitutions to marshaling batter run amok, most recipes are paired with important tips designed to simplify and troubleshoot life in the kitchen.
  • 130+ scrumptious recipes―Enjoy making a wide variety of sweet and savory goodies including decadent spiced hot chocolate cookies, zesty lemon, or fresh and flaky summer tarts. No matter what you bake, these recipes will have family and friends reaching for seconds.

Blossom into a confident baker with The Beginner’s Baking Bible.